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Why we invested in Kimera Technologies: Reinventing visual content management with Computer Vision AI
April 19, 2023
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Why we invested in Kimera Technologies: Reinventing visual content management with Computer Vision AI

We are excited to announce our recent investment in Kimera Technologies, a new startup born in Valencia, Spain that has developed a computer vision AI solution to transform visual content into more valuable business data.

Adara participated in the €660K pre-seed funding round alongside Addendum Capital, Bonsai Partners, BStartup Banco Sabadell, and several business angels, including Lanai Partners, Toubkal Partners, Juanjo Mostazo, and more.

The challenge: Uncovering data hidden in visual content 

The production of visual content for marketing and e-commerce applications is exploding.

When combined with AI, visual search tools have been shown to dramatically increase conversion rates by up to 840.6%.

According to research by Insider Intelligence, among US adults aged 34 and younger, 30% had used visual search for shopping in 2022, and 12% used it regularly.

However, effectively managing visual content so it is searchable creates several challenges for businesses:

  1. It requires manual effort: It is still very difficult to manage large libraries of images and videos. Locating the ideal image for a marketing campaign, organizing visual content into categories, and applying tags can be tedious and time-consuming.

  2. Poor discoverability: Many sites still rely on text-based searches, using only the tags associated with a product or an image. The context of the image is lost in the search, which leads to poor search results.
  1. Lack of personalization: Most existing behavior prediction solutions fall short when it comes to accurately identifying the most impactful content for each user or website visitor, which ends up limiting user engagement and resulting in poor conversion rates. 

Enter Kimera: Powering visual content understanding with AI

Founded in June 2021 in Valencia, Spain, Kimera addresses these challenges with computer vision, transforming visual content (images and videos) into valuable and searchable data to help companies optimize their content management. 

Initially developed for the e-commerce industry, Kimera’s plug-and-play solution helps to improve website conversions, automate processes, and better manage inventories.

The technology enables businesses to store millions of images in minimal space and perform searches of visual content in milliseconds with very high precision.

Kimera’s solutions can tag content, search and make recommendations within a website, and generate valuable analytics.

With big data, content can be hyper-personalized for better market analysis and trend forecasting. 

We were very impressed with the Kimera founding team, which combines strong technical skills with finance and venture capital backgrounds.

Both Carles (co-CEO) and Alberto (CTO) hold PhDs in relevant areas such as Machine Learning and Automation, whereas Alvaro (co-CEO) and Luis (CFO)  combine both an engineering background with a wealth of experience in finance. 

Kimera recently participated in the Lanzadera startup accelerator program, and has already won several awards for its innovation and excellence in AI.

While the company is currently focused on image and video content, they are looking to add 3D content and enter the fields of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse soon.

The Adara view: the future of the online search experience is visual 

Kimera has developed a very efficient and accurate computer vision suite of services that offers great real-time performance and requires little to no training for various use cases spanning across retail, travel, real estate, and more.

Whereas other AI platforms require high levels of customization and maintenance – and charge a hefty fee to accommodate these features – we believe Kimera is uniquely positioned to offer online merchants an easier and more affordable platform to manage and analyze their visual content efficiently and accurately.