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Semrush Acquires Kompyte
March 17, 2022
Data & Applications

Semrush Acquires Kompyte

We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of Kompyte, an Adara portfolio company and leading competitive intelligence automation and sales enablement platform, by Semrush (NYSE: SEMR), a global online visibility management SaaS platform.

We will miss our regular interactions with Pere Codina, Albert Colmenero, and Sergio Ramírez, but we are proud of everything they’ve accomplished and we wish them the very best as they start this new chapter. Congratulations, Kompyte team!

We first met the Kompyte team in 2017, when they graduated from the 500 Startups accelerator program in Silicon Valley, and invested in their Seed round as part of our AVII fund.

Kompyte founders Pere Codina (CEO), Sergio Ramírez (CTO), and Albert Colmenero (COO)

Kompyte is an AI-driven solution designed to simplify the tracking, compilation, and analysis of competitor insights for sales, marketing, product development, and executive teams. The platform delivers timely, strategic insights derived through the consistent monitoring of competitors’ holistic online presence. This enables better messaging, positioning, product development, and revenue capture for both small teams and large enterprises.

Though the company was founded in Barcelona, Spain, they decided to maintain operations in the US after participating in the accelerator program, opening offices in Austin, TX. The decision to focus operations on the US early on enabled Kompyte to rapidly scale their solution for some of the tech industry’s most innovative companies. Product managers and marketing directors at fast-growing, US-based technology companies became power users of the Kompyte software. 

Eventually, this traction caught the attention of Semrush, a major player in the marketing and search engine optimization space.

The early Kompyte US Team at their offices in Capital Factory, Downtown Austin

The acquisition of Kompyte’s technology will provide Semrush with a path to increase the business it’s already doing with existing users, as well as diversify its offerings to reach customers beyond marketing departments.

88% of Kompyte’s total user base falls within sales organizations, and with an average ARR of approximately $20,000 per customer, the acquisition represents a great opportunity for Semrush to take its customer base to the next level. 

In addition, Kompyte’s technology will be used to expand Semrush’s existing competitive intelligence feature.