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AVIII: Two years in, Eight phenomenal teams and we’re just getting started
May 17, 2021

AVIII: Two years in, Eight phenomenal teams and we’re just getting started

In May 2019, we launched our €80m third fund to continue backing the best early-stage enterprise tech founders in Europe.

Two years in, we’ve invested in eight phenomenal teams solving complex problems for the modern enterprise with their category-leading products.

Whilst their technologies and industry focuses may vary, there is a common thread that unites this portfolio: they are all founders with the vision, courage and capacity to execute.

We’re just getting started

The creation and growth of this portfolio during the COVID pandemic reaffirms our commitment to the early-stage european tech ecosystem.

We’re already working hard on closing our next investments and are always on the lookout for exceptional opportunities. 

Entrepreneurs, we want to hear your story. Submit your pitch here.

The Adara Team

Why partner with Adara?

We utilise our deep experience to support founders across our focused portfolio. We partner with companies in Cybersecurity, Infrastructure & DevOps, Data & Applications, Components & Devices, and Digital Health — bringing to bear the full weight of our shared knowledge and networks for our investments.

We help create a path

Success has never been a linear path. The winding road is lined with questions, choices, and moments of painstaking self-discovery.

At Adara, we believe partnerships are the key to achieving long term success, and the partnership between entrepreneur and investor is one of the most significant aids to navigating the path ahead.

We help create a path that leads to success.

We understand the challenges of growing

We recognise the challenges of growth. We’ve grown and evolved. And we’ve partnered with dozens of incredible companies over the last 15 years, learned from their pivots and adaptations, celebrating many success stories along the way.

We are inspired by the teams we partner with

We firmly believe in the power of technology to bring positive change. Now, more than ever before, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to transform industries, societies and life in general. 

In particular, we believe the proliferation of AI and the creation of new enterprise data layers have the power to universally change value creation

We believe this will be a truly transformational decade and we’re ready to play our part in building it. We’re just getting started.