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Announcing our investment in InteleXVision
July 29, 2021
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Announcing our investment in InteleXVision

We are excited to welcome another ambitious venture to the Adara family this month: InteleXVision, a UK-based early-stage company that is disrupting the professional surveillance industry by enabling real-time video monitoring at scale.

Callum Wilson and Michael Vorstman have built a truly impressive and global team. From product development to commercial operations, Intelex brings together seasoned industry veterans with highly skilled technical expertise. We’re delighted to have led a £2.5m investment into the business alongside Inveready.

The Opportunity: The increasing number of surveillance cameras in the world

The use of surveillance cameras is exploding. By the end of 2021, over one billion cameras will be installed globally, capturing massive amounts of video data and posing significant challenges for security control centres that must monitor and react to events or threats in real-time.

Video data overload: The reality of today’s control centres

Video surveillance plays a key role in physical safety; however, today’s enterprise security systems are large and complex. Behind the scenes, security control centres are dealing with an increasing number of cameras and video feeds to analyse, and operators are often overwhelmed by the task.

For many enterprises, monitoring and analysing massive amounts of video data manually is expensive and unscalable, resulting in a reactive approach to security rather than an active approach where they can monitor for unusual events or threats in real-time.

The power of iSentry: Filtering out the noise and focusing on what matters

iSentry is an artificial intelligence platform designed by InteleXVision to analyse CCTV camera feeds in real-time. iSentry is capable of “watching” endless amounts of video from multiple feeds through a combination of AI, deep learning, rules, and automation. It then relays relevant information to control room operators in the form of video alerts enriched with multiple data points.

With iSentry, an individual operator can monitor hundreds of live cameras, enhancing scale, efficiency, and effectiveness in overwhelmed control centres. iSentry also enables both short- and long-range perimeter and area protection, as well as wide area surveillance tasks.


The promise: Superior surveillance at a lower cost

iSentry aims to help organisations achieve superior video surveillance performance at a lower cost by:

  1. surfacing events of interest that may have previously gone undetected
  2. reducing the number of false alarms that waste operator time and attention
  3. increasing the number of cameras an operator can effectively monitor in real-time
  4. optimizing hardware deployment, both centrally and on the edge

Traditional rule-based video surveillance analytics solutions require heavy pre-configuration and can be very resource-intensive. While approaches can be effective on narrow, pre-defined use cases, they are not ideal for detecting and managing a broad array of abnormal and unusual events.

iSentry’s self-learning algorithm enables real-time situational awareness for a truly proactive monitoring approach, continuously learning and adapting to new scenarios and evolving threats. As a result, iSentry learns what is normal and displays anything abnormal, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and improve their response times.

The Adara View: Removing the barriers in physical security systems

Addressing threats in physical environments in real-time is a growing challenge for security control centres. Today’s operators must constantly evolve to meet this challenge by bringing higher levels of automation and analytics power to the forefront of their approach.

There is significant demand for solutions that can combine superior video analytics with threat detection using the latest technology. We believe that InteleXVision is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity with an exceptional team and product.