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Explosive growth inspired by entrepreneurial courage.

Entrepreneurial courage motivates us. So when we learnt that Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto had left roles at Google to pursue their fledgling business venture, we were impressed.

Jorge and Albert were experts in their field and ready to transform their market. They had the ideal blend of business and product knowledge, allied with the vision to innovate with their in-image contextual advertising technology.

We partnered with Seedtag in 2016 and have since gone on to lead the investor syndicate; develop a long-term funding roadmap, and plan for internationalisation — as well as exploring merger and acquisition opportunities.

Seedtag has achieved success from strength across its core pillars:

  1. Focusing on having the right people in the right place, establishing long-lasting and reliable relationships with both publishers and advertisers.
  2. Delivering incredible performance measured on viewability, click-through rate, view-through rate, and above-average brand uplift impact.
  3. Developing significant technology advancements enabling increased performance by products and teams.
  4. Offering a breakthrough product with a combination of unique placements and contextual targeting.
  5. Providing a service designed to support clients pre-campaign, on-campaign, and post-campaign, as well as high-impact creative services.

The most explosive growth we’ve been part of. Ever.

Since our investment Seedtag has achieved T2D3 growth.

Now present in 9 countries and with more than 10 billion Ad requests every month, Seedtag is fast-growing, profitable, and highly capital efficient.

Rarely does success follow a linear path. And, we recognise that the businesses we initially invest in are likely to transform as they scale, and be very different businesses at exit. But, by upholding their core principles and pillars, seedtag’s explosive growth reflects a thoughtful evolution rather than a revolution.

Today, Seedtag stands as the Contextual Advertising market leader in both Europe and LATAM, and ranks among the top 5 for market reach across Europe, with only Facebook and Google reaching a larger audience in some countries.

The team is now focussed on growing into a global leader—scaling and consolidating leadership in Europe while exploring opportunities in the US.