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Enabling the next generation of e-commerce leaders.

Scalefast is a digital commerce solution transforming the way brands run direct-to-consumer eCommerce — built on the belief that brands need to tool up to improve their ability to complete through DTC channels.

Scalefast has a unique set of functionalities and characteristics that empowers brands to regain the control and simplicity they need to create an exceptional shopping experience.

Founders Nicolas Stehle, Olivier Schott, and Frederic Bocquet are an established team,
having built numerous companies together. Their complementary skill sets across technical, commercial, and marketing, along with their deep category knowledge and unique vision of this massive opportunity, captured our imagination. As cryptography and high speed computing experts, they have applied their vast knowledge and experience to help create an ultra-scalable platform that helps brands recover control over the commercialisation of their products.

We invested in their Series A funding in 2018, and again in July 2020 for their Series B round.
And true to our values, we remain committed partners on their journey. As the European fund in the investor group, we’ve helped establish a bridge to the local investor ecosystem and we continue to provide local support to the team.

Scale without friction.

Scalefast’s unique strength lies in its modular, full-stack eCommerce offering. This provides brands the flexibility they need to thrive in the modern eCommerce space. All delivered through advanced native features such as social sharing, loyalty programme, affiliate, B2B and subscriptions management, single sign-on, gift cards and more. Where other platforms rely on ancient frameworks and languages, Scalefast is build on modern frameworks such as Angular by Google.

And the core platform includes innovative optimisation techniques supporting massive and sudden transaction volumes for a fraction of the cost — as many as hundreds of orders per second.

From a modelling perspective, Scalefast relies on a headless eCommerce Graph and its RESTful API makes conforming to each client’s unique needs simple and fast, regardless of prior technical debt. This makes the platform maleable to the client’s existing tech stack and enables superior availability, performance and security.

Over the coming decade we know brands will face increasing challenges in managing their commercial relationships with consumers. As a result they’ll need to offer a best-in-class eCommerce experience by partnering with a best-in-class solution provider.

We believe the next generation of branded eCommerce leaders will be driven by Scalefast.