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Nurtured from Seed to acquisition by Facebook.

Playgiga is a true European start-up success story – ambitious vision, the courage to persevere, and the hard work of a talented team executing a clear strategy.

The company’s innovative technology solved complex challenges delivering high-quality video game streaming experiences, opening up possibilities already seized by the music, television, and film industries.

Playgiga’s vision was always to become the cloud gaming platform for the mass market. We joined as the first investor, beginning with a seed investment in December 2013, and together established a successful global position.

We guided the team through fundraising, international expansion, product strategy development, and the exit negotiations that ultimately saw Facebook acquire Playgiga.

We’re proud to have been present from the very beginning through to exit, helping the team to achieve their ultimate goal by:

  1. Leading the investor syndicate.
  2. Holding the Chairmanship of the Board.
  3. Guiding Playgiga’s governance and strategy.
  4. Recruiting the CTO in 2014, and the new CEO in 2016.
  5. Engaging with prospective investors and acquirers.
  6. Negotiating the terms and closing the transaction with Facebook.

Skilled technical vision meets experienced company building.

Playgiga’s journey was a perfect example of a focused commitment to developing a differentiated, unique product advantage.

Other emerging companies in the same space had failed, so content providers and growth investors were initially sceptical about Playgiga’s potential. However, global players such as Rakuten, Amazon, and Facebook did recognise the value of Playgiga’s technology and vision.

Facebook conducted extensive research to identify a partner capable of launching a scalable gaming service, not only for the elite-gamer market of a few thousand, but for 2 billion global users.

Playgiga’s technology is capable of scaling to hundreds of millions of subscribers with a robust, hardware-agnostic architecture, guaranteeing a high-quality user experience with low-latency delivery; and the platform stood out as a clear category leader. Crucially, Facebook valued Playgiga’s team, technical expertise, intellectual property and culture — all products of our broad company-building experience.

In 2019 Facebook acquired Playgiga in pursuit of its vision for a cloud-based video game service capable of competing with Google and Microsoft, and announced the launch of its service in 2020.