We invest in boldly
ambitious businesses

We partner with founders with vision, courage and the capacity to execute.

We search for

Early-stage companies solving complex problems with breakthrough solutions.

European teams tackling global market opportunities.

B2B opportunities in: cybersecurity, data and applications, infrastructure, devops, components and digital health.

We believe in

Trustworthy, professional relationships.

Deep, long term partnerships.

Applying domain expertise to build lasting value.

We’re experienced Venture Capital investors

We’ve invested in
35+ companies to date,
and in 2019 we launched our
€80m third fund.

We know how to create a path
from seed to successful exit.

European focus
Global vision

We support innovative businesses that have found their purpose, proven their product, and are ready to go to market. Fast.

With an international perspective, world-class team and strong connections to many important tech and business hubs, we broaden your reach.